Welcome to Musiknod!

Musiknod aims to support the professional music scene in Östergötland.

We offer knowledge, activities, collaborations and opportunities and we cooperate with a variety of actors that contribute to the local music community.

On the lookout for a studio, a talented musician or maybe a venue to set up a show at? Go to the search field in the top menu.

Do you work within the music sector in Östergötland? Then we would be happy to see you too be a part of our register.

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Musiknod's studio guide

On the look out for a recording studio in Östergötland? Here we have collected some studios that can be booked for recording, mixing and in some cases mastering.  Get in touch with the studio owners for more information.

Studio Lyckan
, Normlösa (Mjölby)
Run by the musician and producer Jörgen Wärnström for many years. "Vintage-inspired music studio in a pleasant environment, in the middle of Östgötaslätten."
Web: https://www.facebook.com/studi...
Mail: j.warnstrom@gmail.com

Studio Fredriksson,
Spångsholm (Mjölby)
Magnus "Bonum" Hedin runs the studio, which consists of several rooms. The large one is great for drum recording and other acoustic instruments, while there are smaller rooms for vocals, guitar amplifiers, etc.
Web: https://www.studiofredrikson.c...
Mail: studiofredrikson@gmail.com

Luey Studio
, Linköping
Run by Jörgen Broman, who is a drummer and sound engineer. Plays both analog and digital. Web: https://luey.se
Mail: jobrotheboss@gmail.com

Skogen studio,
Österbymo (Ydre)
Housed in an old parish hall of 100m2 with both analogue and digital recording equipment. Right now, a new mixing desk is being installed and a "new opening" will take place in the summer.
Web: https://www.skogenstudio.com/
Mail: skogenstudio.ydre@gmail.com

Old School Studios
, Grebo
Run by Tommy Hedin, who is a trained engineer in acoustics. The studio is focused on mastering within metal/rock/punk, but it is possible to hire Tommy as a session musician or other jobs in music production. For example mixing, recording or song editing.Web: https://www.facebook.com/OldSc...
Mail: tommy@oldschoolstudios.se

Nielsen Søund,
Run by the musician, producer etc. Niels Nielsen. Mainly offers mixing and mastering right now.
Web: https://nielsensound.net/
Mail: info@nielsnielsen.net

Endarker Studio
, Norrköping
Recording, mixing, mastering
Web: https://www.endarker.com/#cont...:
Mail: info@endarker.com

Kapten Studios
, Norrköping
Studio in central Norrköping run by Kenny Lundström and Eleonor Leone. Offers recording, arrangement and mixing.
Web: https://lundstromm.com/
Mail: kenny[a]lundstromm.com

Musikens hus in Knäppingsborg
, Norrköping
Newly inaugurated Musikens hus in Knäpingsborg is run by Root Productions and has three smaller studios that are mainly used by members of the house, but which can also be rented.
Web: https://musikens-hus.com/
Mail: musikenshus@root.productions

, Norrköping.
Gramtone is a collective of songwriters and musicians, but the studio can be rented out in some cases. Weekends are most available. “We use PC, Apollo UAD, Cubase and Reason. Plugins from Softube and UAD. Microphones: from Neumann to handset. The studio has a nice energy, and we have kept the large turn-of-the-century windows for soul and atmosphere.”
Web:: https://www.gramtone.se/
Mail: info@gramtone.se

Sonic Lab,
Recording studio and creative lab.
Web: https://www.soniclab.se/Sonic_...
Mail: info@soniclab.se

Studio Heathen
, Östra husby (Norrköping)
"A small recording studio with a focus on doom, stoner, psych, heavy."
Web: https://www.instagram.com/heat...:
Mail: patrik@heathenstudio.com

Studio Skogsbacka,
Run by Niklas Bryngelsson and Simon Kuylenstierna and inaugurated last year. Also offers  sleeping places as well as fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.
Web: https://www.instagram.com/stud...:
Mail: studioskogsbacka@gmail.com

Studio Underjord,
Offers recording, mixing, mastering and live videos in the studio.
Web: https://facebook.com/studiound... https://instagram.com/studio_u...
Mail: info@studiounderjord.com

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Register at Musiknod.se

Do you run a business in Östergötland with a connection to music? Are you an artist or a musician who can take on assignments? Welcome to register at Musiknod.se and become part of the network.

It goes without saying that we do not know everyone active in the music scene in Östergötland. That's why we want to create a register that makes it easy for potential clients to find you. In addition, it will also make it easier for music makers and creatives in Östergötland to find collaborators.

Maybe you are a professional musician that offers to play on recordings or live shows . Or maybe you are a sound engineer (highly in demand!) or a vocal teacher. You can run a PR business, a record label or be an artist ready to take the step towards a professional career.
You will see which categories are available when you fill in the form.

When you have registered and been approved, you have your own page on Musiknod on which you can share pictures, videos, music links, etc. The page will be visible and searchable for everyone who visits Musiknod.se.

When you log in to Musiknod, you now end up on your own page and can make changes and additions. We have turned off the forum for the time being, as it was not being used.

Questions? Email info(at)musiknod.se
Encountered problems with the site? Email support@musiknod.se

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New music from Östergötland

A selection of newly released music with artists, songwriters and producers from Östergötland. This Spotify list is updated continuously.

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Linköpings kommun Linköpings Universitet Musikcentrum Öst Norrköpings kommun Riksteatern Östergötland Svensk Live