Offer! Borrow Musiknod membership in Musikens hus in Knäppingsborg

In need of office space? Maybe with access to music studios? And a place to take meetings? Now you can borrow Musiknod's membership in Musikens hus in Knäppingsborg, Norrköping, for two weeks.

Musikens hus in Knäppingsborg is run by the company Root Productions and is a new meeting- and workplace for entrepreneurs in the music and event industry. At Musikens hus there are office spaces and social spaces, but also three bookable music studios for recording and music production. The house also has a small stage for smaller gigs, video productions and streaming.

A membership in Musikens hus gives access to all surfaces and costs SEK 2,200/month excluding VAT, but now you can borrow Musiknod's membership for free for two weeks, thanks to our collaboration with Root Productions.

It's a way to try out whether a membership might be for you, but you don't commit to continuing as a member after the two weeks.

The offer is valid during the spring and subject to availability. To be considered, you should have or be about to start a music-related business. Interested? Contact Joakim Leion at
Read more about the House of Music in Knäppingsborg here.

Created 2023-03-01 | Updated 2023-03-10