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Musiknod collaborates with different parts of the regional music industry to offer possibilities for musicians, songwriters, producers etc. Read more about some of our projects and activities here.

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Keynotes and courses

Föreläsning med Frid och Frid på Cnema i Norrköping 6 december 2022. Foto: Christel Valsinger.
Frid och Frid

We try to identify knowledge needs among music actors in Östergötland and offer lectures and courses that respond to this.

Here you can see lectures and panel discussions we have arranged and/or participated in. During 2023, we are planning, among other things, lectures on music production and courses in sound technology, in collaboration with other parts of the music community in Östergötland. 


"Tuesday Session Meetup" with Selen Özan. 24/1, Skylten, Linköping. In collaboration with Sensus Musik Östergötland and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Östergötland.


"Writing Music for Film and Television". Frid & Frid. 6/12, Cnema Norrköping. In collaboration with Film I Östergötland.

Panel discussion/Coworking breakfast in connection with Linköping Game Week. Skylten, Linköping on 23/11. Conversation between Christel Valsinger (Musiknod), Tomas Ahlström (East Sweden Game) and Kaj Sivervik (Gaphals) about funding for gaming and music. Arranged by Skylten.

"To write and produce K-pop". Pontus Kalm. 13/10, Dynamo, Norrköping. In association with Kulturkvartet Hallarna.

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I samverkan med andra aktörer kan Musiknod medverka på och arrangera olika typer av träffar som syftar till nätverkande och utbyte av erfarenheter.

Tillsammans med Östgötamusiken och Softube arrangerade vi den 31 augusti ett mingel, där musiker från Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker, musikproducenter från den fria musiklivet och mukvaruutvecklare från Softube deltog. Minglet ägde rum i Softubes lokaler och Östgötabandet spelade några stycken ur sin jazz-repertoar.

Tillsammans med Svensk Live Östergötland höll vi en träff för musikarrangörer i samband med Festival of the midnight sun, på Skylten i Linköping. Omkring 30 arrangörer från hela Östergötland deltog. 

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Songwriting Camps

Foto: Alexander Vibeck
Kvar i stan Music Camp 22-24 april 2022

At songwriting camps, songwriters, music producers and sometimes artists are brought together in teams and create music for specific contexts.

Participating in camps is an opportunity to develop as a songwriter/producer and to expand your network. The aim is of course also to increase the chance of getting their songs picked up and published by record companies/publishers/artists, in order to get income and new career opportunities.

Musiknod has, together with the study association Sensus and musical center Skylten in Linköping, supported two songwriting camps produced by "Kvar i Stan Music". One in 2021 and one in 2022, the latter with a K-pop theme. During the camp, songwriters from Norrköping, Linköping and Motala participated.

In the spring of 2023, Musiknod will support additional camps in Östergötland.

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Musiknod creates playlists where where those who want to help highlight artists, producers and songwriters from Östergötland easily can find suitable music. The lists include music by both those who have moved away and those still active in the county.

Do you run a business where you use recorded music? Feel free to use our playlists! When time permits, we can also curate playlists with regional music for specific occasions and purposes.

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Financial support

Musiknod can be a co-organizer of events that add something new to the music life in the region. In some cases, we can provide travel support for you who have been accepted to, for example, an international songwriting camp or a showcase festival.

In November 2022, Musiknod as one of several parties gave travel support to the Norrköping artist Kid Vicious to play at the Canadian showcase festival Break Out West.

Since autumn 2022, Musiknod has been a partner for Make the Scene's jazz and folk music concerts in Wallenbergsalen in Linköping.

Musiknod is also a partner to the showcase festival Future Echoes in Norrköping, which runs from 16-18 February 2023.

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The "Kvar i Stan podcast" was started in 2018 by music producer Anton Nessvi and music journalist/musician Christel Valsinger - now project manager for Musiknod. In the fall of 2022, it made a comeback in collaboration with Musiknod and Sensus Musik Östergötland.

The podcast focuses on the regional music scene. You can find it here (in Swedish):

Kvar i stan på Spotify
Kvar i stan på Acast
Kvar i stan på Podcaster (Apple)

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