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Q and A

What does Musiknod do? Who is behind the project? Here you will find answers to some common questions.

What is Musiknod?

Musiknod (The Music Node) is a project within the organisation Östgötamusiken, which runs between August 2020 and December 2023. The purpose of Musiknod is to create a platform for music creators in the county, which supports and develops the music industry in the whole of Östergötland with the goal of achieving greater cooperation between different parts of the music community.

The project's working group includes representatives from Östgötamusiken, Norrköping and Linköping municipality, study associations, Linköping University, Svensk Live and Riksteatern Östergötland.
The project receives financial support from the Swedish Arts Council and Region Östergötland.

What does Musiknod do?

Musiknod supports the professional and semi-professional music life with various initiatives.

Some main orientations are:

• Education/skills development - eg lectures and courses

• Networking - eg in the form of songwriting camps

• Visibility - through, for example, curated playlists, marketing, arranging showcases

• Funding support - to organizers, with special encouragement for new musical meetings, for certain trips that enable musical development for artists/composers, etc.

The efforts are made in collaboration with other parties throughout the music scene.

Musiknod also provides the website Musiknod.se where Östergötland's musicians, songwriters, producers, arrangers, sound engineers, PR agencies, studios, record companies, etc. can register, to find each other and become more accessible to others. By registering and creating your own profile, you also make us aware that you are active in Östergötland.

On the site you will also find news, information and links that may be useful for those of you who work wholly or partly with music in some form.

What does Musiknod not do?

Musiknod is not a record label and therefore does not release music. Musiknod is also not a fund from which grants can be applied for. However, we can participate in and support activities and businesses that benefit the professional music scene in the county. If you have ideas, get in touch: info(at)musiknod.se

What is meant by the "professional music life"?

By professional practitioner, we mean that you make a full or partial living from music-related assignments or that, if you are a musician, you have a higher artistic education in your field.

Musiknod also caters to the semi-professional music life, which may include you who are on the threshold of being able to work professionally, but have not yet taken the full step, or that you have a certain music business, which you aim to expand.

Created 2023-01-13 Updated 2023-12-21